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Mr. E. E. Dudding,
President of Prisoners Relief Society,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:-

I wish to call to your attention one of the worst cases of Brutaality, ever known in this State. It occurred here at the state farm #2 Tillery, N.C. on the 4th day of this Month. This camp is under the command of capt. C. J. Rhem, and on the above day there was a colored Prisoner taken sick, and was in an unconscious condition, and doctor Norman who is employed by the state to look after the sick came down and had the sick man taken to Hospital, and then he himself and capt. Rhem came into the hospital and the Doctor said that the Negro was putting on and that there was not anything the matter with him, and then the Doctor said that he be Damed is he didn't bring the negro out of it.

Then he had the Prisoner laid on a bed and then the Doc. and Capt. Rhem taken pure Chloroform and pored it all over the sick man's Testififeles and Penis and in his Restom too, and then they had blankets put all around him so it would soon get hot, and after about ten minutes the Doctor taken Chloroform Liniment and went over the man in the same manner as he did with the plain Chloroform and again had him wrapped up, and still the man did not move, and in about fifteen munuits the Doctor taken a tube of Capsoline and went over, the Negros Penis first pulling back the foreskin and smearing the Capsoline all over and under it and then slipped the forskin back in place, and then he put the Capsoline all over his Testicles and in his Restom, and then had him wrapped up again.

This of course caused the flesh to blister in just a few minuits, and in the space of six hours, the man's Penis was as large as a man's arm, and his Testicles swelled up as large as your two fists, and the man is now in a critical condition, which may result to his Death.

Mr. Dudding this is only one of the many brutial deeds that are practiced here by the Overseers and Men in charge, Prisoners are Beat here with many stripes, and many cruel things are done to them, I have been made to work when I was not able to be up at all, the prisoners are not only mistreated in that way but they are starved almost to death, and what they get is of the Commonest Class.

Mr. Dudding I hope you will do something to help the Prisoners here, you may use my name if you want to, for I am not afraid to back up the truth.

Hoping that you will do something for us at an early date I am.

Very respectfully,

A. H. Sears
RFD #1 Box #6
Halifax, N.C.

Mr. Dudding:

These are Eye witnesses that saw this prisoner treated as he was, and they will testify to that effect.

A. H. Sears,
T. S. Euey,
C. H. Snider,
EC. M. Roduek, Jr.