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foreign commerce and better
transportation commissioner
for n. c., tenn, and fla.

Waynesville, N. C.


To His Excellency T. W. Bickett,
Governor of North Carolina,
Raleigh, North Carolina.

Dear Governor Bickett:-

I am without a reply to my letter to you in regard to your interpretation of the Convict Law in relation to the Trans-Continental Railroad. While I have your letter that under the Constitution and your oath you will co-operate with our sister states in this road work. But it may be that there may be something in the law that you might not feel, or rather interpret it as we interpret it, that ultimately under the provision of that law all the convicts of the State will be made available to the construction of that road.

I do not want to make statements and speeches and letters about what you are going to do until I know that you understand it like we understand it. So I will be glad if you would advise me about that at your very earliest convenience. I have deferred going to Tennessee on account of that.

Yours sincerely,