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Tarborough 16th. July 1777.

Dr. Sir.

Being extreemly unwell prevented my attending at Halifax, I am now got some better, and would wish your Excellency’s permition to go on to the Norward to Join my Rigiment, as I can’t promise my self any advantage I can be of to the army Staying—I am very Sorry to inform you of too many evil person’s in this, and the Neibouring Countys being Join’d in a most wicked Conspiracy, but am in hopes it may be stop’d, as many has come in, & made all the discovery they knew of. About 30 of them made an attempt on this place but luckly I had about 25 men to oppose them, I disarmed the whole, & made many take the Oath.

I am DSir yr. Excelly.

Most Obt. Sevt.

Henry Irwin

Col. Irwin
Tarbro 16. July 77.
leave &c