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To the Worshipful Justices of Newbern

Some Days past George Wainright from Martin County a Great Friend to John Lewelling Was here. I Expect to Endavour to hear some News by his short stay, of What I had Related and I knowing the Great Influence Capt. Lewelling has over that Neighbourhood have Great Reason to fear he Will Make any attempts to Invalidate My Testimony. And though no other person but My Self Could have Discovered the Beginning of the Scheeme, Unless himself, yet I Will Acquaint you of some Evedence as yet I believe Unknown, that May be Meterial. Richard Taylor Senr. A Near Neighbour to Capt Lewelling Told me in private that Lewelling had Told him if he Could Git but ten Men to Joyn him he Would fall to Work and Kill them Every one Speaking of Whitmol hill and others that had thretned him as a Tory this Richard Taylor Told Me Long since the Scheeme Was Begun. Also James Mayo Captain had thretned Mr Lewilling To take him up for a Tory for Which Reason Mr Lewelling Desired peter Tyler And My Self to Waylay Sd Mayo on the Road to kill him, but When I told him I Could Not, he perswaded peter Tyler and Sent him his Gun and told him Tarry till he sent him Victuals Which Tyler Did but saw Mayo Not. This May be provd. by Tyler And My Self. Again A few Days before I Made My Escape Mr Lewelling Said to Me it Would be No Damage if We Were Taken to swear that a Travelling Man brought the Writings to My house and that I and that Travelling man Carried the Same to his house, by Which Means the Beginning Would Not be Discovered. So that I being a poor Man have Reason to fear his power and Influence over others to My hurt as all the friends or power I have is to Declare the Truth and Humbly brave pardon for having had Any hand in sd plot or scheeme, Testifying Whatever shall Come to My Memory I Will make known about the Matter

James Rawlins

James Rawlins Confession