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Nathan Hattaway being sworn on the holy Avangelists of Almighty God Deposeth & sayth as follows (to wit) that John Carter swore him to keep his name Secret, John Luallens name a Secret—and that John Carter give him a Stick with three Notches which stick he was to carry to the sd. John Luallen, and the Meaning of that Stick was to let Luallen know that he was Enterd into their Society to Support the old & New Testament And that John Carter told him that the French was coming in & that the Gentry was joining them to bring in the popish Religion this Deponant sayth that when he Deliverd the stick to John Luallen he asked him what he gave him that for, this Depont. answerd for a Sign—the sd. Luallen askd him if he had got that Sign—the sd. Luallen askd him if he had got that Sign—this Depot. Answerd I have, he said then give it me, this Dept. answerd B. he sd E. the Dept. said T. he sd. R. the Dept. sd. U. he sd. E. ^this Dept then sd. be true he Answd. I hope you will.^ Then the sd. Luallen Read to this Dept. what he called a Constitution, & after that this Dept. left told him he coud not join in it & then left him—this Dept. sayth that John Carter told him James Sharard was in the Scheme—and that James Sharard handed him a Book & told him he might swear if he woud or not this Dept. then swore, that he was to join with him if the people was Drafted—& they shoud find themselves able to Appose those that Drafted them, And further this Dept. sayth Not—

Sworn before me the 4th. July 1777.

John Everitt

NB. The Deponant further sayth That he heard Carter say that he got no Powder & Shott at Hallifax

The Depsin. of
Nathan Hattaway
agn. John Carter,
John Llewellin, &
James Sherrod