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Wednesday Night Feb 15th 1854

Oh! Me I feel so sleepy, dull, tired, worn-out, lazy, and good for nothing. Me! me! Little do I feel like writing, I almost feel tempted to lay aside my journal, and never touch it again—“oh dear!”—well let me see, I am sure I do not know what I have been about, of late—nothing much, at any rate—Wednesday morning, quite damp, and rainy, Julia Manly married and started right off—no one from this home invited—I work nearly all the time on Mr Engelhards slippers have half finished the last one—Thursday Morning, Mother and I started out to make some calls, amongst others, called to see Mollie Grimes, I wish so much, Annie had come, for I really would like to see her. Mollie is looking very well, I think went shopping a little, and then came home—Friday evening Mother and I went to walk up street, and just as we started back, who should I see, but Mr William Saunders and Mr John Grimes, coming in from Chapel Hill, full of mud and dirt, the roads must be dreadful—Annie Badger came out and spent the day, and night, left Saturday evening—Friday night Dr and Mr Ruf Tucker were out, to see us—Sunday morning, just as I was nearly ready for Church who should drive up, but Messrs Grimes & Saunders, they must have thought “better late than never,” and “the better the day, the better the deed”—I am sure, I was not so anxious to see them, their visit gave me no pleasure whatsoever, for it looked to me, as if they thought, “I must go out to Mrs Cotten’s but I don’t care to do it"—It matters very little to me whether they ever come again—they spent about 15 min I expect, when we all went to church—after church Mr Grimes came (of course) to help up—and while standing talking, Mr Saunders comes by and calls out, “come along John, I say come along”—Mr S. need not be trying, to take my good opinion of him away, for it has been on the decline for some weeks enough of him, and too much too—Sunday went to church in the morning, and heard an excellent sermon from Dr Hawks, did not go in the evening, wrote to Cousin Hill, in answer to his letter written in September—I do not think he will thank me much after reading it, although I was just answering him back—he provoked me a little in his I must confess—I had just finished when Mother and Mr Tucker came in from Church—Mr Tucker did not go home ‘til after supper—Monday worked all day—went to Dempsters concert, with Mr Tucker, Mother went also—like his singing very well—Yesterday morning went shopping a little—received a beautiful Valentine Shakspeare beautifully bound, I think Mr Engelhard sent it, the writing looks like his—I received one from Cousin Hill, last night, right pretty, and a very pretty one from C Hill this morning—I cannot think who it is from. Well I do think Cousin Jesse, takes his time answering my letter, the next one he receives from me, I think he will answer very soon—Wrote to Annie Grimes last Thursday night—wrote to Aunt Mary Monday—Mal Henry who has returned from Charlotte came over to see me Monday evening, brought me a note from Mary—she is enjoying herself finely, and wishes me to come up and see her—I would like very much to go, but Mother would not be willing in the first place, and then I had rather go, when Jennie J. would be there—I wrote to Mammy and Carrie Hunter this evening—it does seem that all my friends gave given up writing. It has been a damp warm day, and is cloudy now, but I hope we will have a bright day—I am so sleepy, and Sister Ann has been, Sister do come to bed, for the last half hour—so good night journal—hope I will have pleasant dreams—my dream cake brought nothing very beautiful—