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Dear Sir

Inclosed you will find the papers of Rachel Debow for a Pension her husband Frederick Debow was a Captain and Wagon Master in two different tours of Service in the War of the Revolution beside other tours of Service. You will discover that from the various dates of the papers that some time was spent in preparing them and taking testamy. The reason is obvious he had served a great many tours and in different capacities. I wish therefore to get as many ^of^ them in as possible. In the testamony of Alexander McMenamy you will see he has allusion to his own papers furnished the War Department when he himself was Pensioned; you can refer to these papers and see how the two corroborates I am verry much in hopes this may prove conclusive. I have endeavoured to get all the proof in the counties within each of this place but I am inclined to believe that a great deal more exists in North Carolina could it be procured. I wish you to refer to other papers in your possession on which other Pensioners were placed on the Pension list perhaps they have made allusion to the Services of Debow either as a Captain or Wagon Master. I have had the information from a good many persons who saw him on the morning of the battle of Guilford stating that he conducted the bagage Wagons to trouble some iron works in the rear of the american army but they could tell but very little more I am induced to believe that much proof has been furnished by various Pensioners in their Declarations refering to him and is now on file in the War Department. I would refer you for further information about Mrs Debow to the Hon William B Campbell who is well acquainted the family her Sons in particular.

With these Statements I submit the case to your consideration for her and in her behalf believing you will give the whole that examination ^and decision^ it deserves