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On this day personally appeard Alexander McMenamy a resident of Wilson County State of Tennessee before me George Brown one of the acting Justices of the peace in and for the County and State aforesaid and made oath in due form of law. That he was well acquanted with Frederick Debow in the War of the Revolution they lived in the same County of Caswell north Carolina. Frederick Debow had been out in the Service before this affiant served under him which he will mention during his relation of facts. This affiant States that about the fall of 1780 as well as he can now recolect he volunteerd as a private soldier for the term of six months as well as he recollects but could refer in this matter ^as to dates^ to the statement made by him in suport of his own Pension and Fredrick Debow was their Captain his Leutenants name was Gatewood Colonel Moore was then Colonel they were marched to Hilsborough and there stationed to guard the General asembly and supress the tories he therefore knows of his own knowledge that Frederick Debow was a Captain during this tour of service and continued as captain until the tour of service was performed this affiant got a discharge from under the hand of Captain F Debow but lost it and has sent a copy of it which he fortunately retaind to Washington with his declaration in suport of his Pension It was during this tour when they were out after the tories that having met some soldiers who were discharged from the service in South Carolina and the Soldiers recognised their old Captain say^ing^ as they met each other "how do you do Captain what out again in the Service" this lead to a conversation with the Soldiers and this affiant gathered from their friendly conversation that these were Soldiers that had served under Captain F Debow previous to that time and that Debow was their Captain. He thinks it must have been a tour to the north or at least some time before for he distinctly recolects one of the Soldiers saying during this conversation "We have had no such good times as we had when we served under you Captain." It was at the close of this tour of service that this affiant recolects D Captain F Debow expressing great anxiety to go home and see his wife and children

This affiant after their return home which was in the latter part of the year Winter and the beginning of the year 1781 volunteered again and entered the service as the British was at that time avancing upon North Carolina in the direction of Guilford Court House he did not know as well as well as he now recolets at what time Debow entered the service again but Recolects distinctly on the Morning of Guildford battle this affiant was the Sergeant of twelve men and was guarding seven prisoners and Captain Frederick Debow came up in a hurry on horseback and ordered this affiant to take charge of General Butler's bagage Wagon but this affiant refused stating to Debow that they were ordered to march the prisoner's they had twelve miles to Troublesome Iron Works in the rear of the American army and that he must get Some others for that he would not. This affiant understood afterwards and at that time that he was Wagon Master and had the command of the bagage wagons

After the close of the War Captain Debow and this affiant had several conversations about the war of the Revolution and this affiant learnt from these conversations that Debow was out in most of the time that the war raged in North and South Carolina but as these conversation were had long ago he cannot State any particulars with certainty except those before mentioned

This affiant will therefore only say that he knows of his own knowledge that Frederick Debow served as Captain one tour of Six months, one other tour during the batt time when the battle of Guilford was fought of six months and believes from the circumstances he witnessed and the information he got in the army he must have served the last tour in the Capacity of Wagon Master

Sworn to and Subscribed before me this 14th day of August 1837

George Brown JP
Justice of the peace
for Wilson County

State of Tennessee
Wilson County}
I, George Brown one of the acting Justices of the peace for the county and State aforesaid do hereby certify that I am well acquanted with Alexander McMenamy who had this day appeared before me to make the above affidavit and have been for upwards of twenty years and have lived a close neighbour for the last four years That he is a man of Respectability and truth and good character and that full faith and credit is and ought to be given to his Statements

Given under my hand and seal this 14th day of august 1837

George Brown JP
Justice of the peace for
Wilson County

State of Tennessee
Wilson County}
I Josiah S McClain clerk of the county court of said Wilson county; hereby certify that George Brown is a Magistrate as above and that the foregoing signatures purporting to be his are genuine—

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal of office this 14th day of August 1837

JSMcClain clerk
of the county court of Wilson County