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On this 10th. day of September 1838 before me the subscriber a Justice of the peace for the County of Haywood aforsaid personally appeared Herndon Haralson of lawfull age, and a man of veracity and made Oath in due form; That during the Revolutionary War he was personally acquainted with Frederick Debow then of Caswell County, North Carolina. That in the year 1779 or 1780, as well as this affiant recollects, this said Debow was on a Tour of duty to the North, that he acted as Waggon Master under Colo Tilman Dixon then Captain Dixon probably for three months. That on his return he continued & entered on a Tour to the South of three Months then as a Mounted Militia man. And this affiant farther saieth that at the time when Genl Greene retreated before Lord Cornwallis from the south through North Carolina into Virginia about the first of the year 1781. This said Debow was in the Army, he frequently saw him in actual service, but as he did not belong to this affiants company he dose not recollect in what capacity. This Affiant saieth that after the Battle at Guilford he himself had charge of a Company of Mounted Militia and Marched with Genl. Greene to the south and continued till after the battle at the Eutaw Springs, during this time affiant saith that said Debow acquired the title of Captain and that he had been informed he served and Commanded as such six Months at or near Hillsborough was he was a very active man and Generally in the service of his Country at that time and from the belief of this affiant he must have (at least) have served Twelve or fifteen months, and six months of that time as Captain of a company in the Revolutionary army.

Wm E. Owen
Justice of the peace for Haywood Cty

State of Tennessee
Haywood County} St.
I Littleton Joyner Clerk of the County Court of said Haywood County hereby certify that Wm. E. Owen is a Magistrate as above and the foregoing signature purporting to be his is genuine and that he was duly commissioned & qualified & Justice ^of the peace^ aforesaid

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office this 10th. day of September 1838.

L. Joyner Clk