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Inclosed you have the affidavit of Mr Herndon Haralson of Brownsville of the Western District of our State showing that Fredrick Debow served a longer Period in the revolution war than the time computed by you when the Pension was allowed to his Widow Rachel Debow last year. I have had it by me for some time thinking I could get more proof of service but have not as yet succeeded. You will discover that by this affidavit he proves 2 tours of three monts each already proved one with Captain T Dixon and one in the light horse troops, also that he saw him in the Service afterward, at different times and also that he served as affiant was informed six months as a Captain. I have also inclosed Haralsons letter to me I think upon a re examination of the claim you will find that Mrs Debow is entitled to the pay of an additional six months as a Captain, but should the proof be insufficient to obtain a Captains then it surley must be sufficient for a privates pay this will increase her present Pension to nearly double what it now is. With due respect I therefore apply in her behalf for an increase of Pension