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Dear Sir.

Recd your second letter; drew up my affidavit of facts as came within my recollection near as possible, had the necessary certificates annexed; send it inclosed and wish it safe to hand. There is no charge for these papers by our officers. If the affidavit and attestation of the Magistrate and Clk is not correct, send it back with your direction and it shall be perfect as I presume you are a Lawyer. I will spare no pains in my power and consistand with my duty to serve that good Woman with whom I have known for Sixty years.

I have at present no commands of a simalar Character to trouble you with; should any occur you'll hear from me, and ^sould^ I be able to serve you in any way in the Western District, you have a right to command me

Respectfully in haste

PS. I have no documentary evidence, papers or letters on this subject.