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The certificate of Mrs Ann Haynier has come safely to hand. I have waited sometime for the certificates of Mrs Debow Mrs Meadow Mrs Darnell and Mrs Reaves the three last all the regulations in regard to further testamony were complied with except Mrs Reaves whose claim I have not heard from since last april but the testamony was I thought such as would authoryis a Pension as it was principally documentary. The testamony in regard to Mrs Meador and Mrs Darnell was complied with agreeable to the instructions contained in your letters. I wrote you in regard to the claim of Mrs Debow that a part of it would be accepted until she could establish the ballance. I wish you also in the latter case to inform of the tours of service for which a Pension is allowed and those not sufficiently proved as I We have some witnesses in her case yet to examine. I hope you will send on the claims as soon as practicable.

Verry Respectfully

[Filed] at Aug 14.