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I certify that I am personally acquainted with Susan Alexander widow of John Alexander. I have also known the reputation of Susan Alexander for many years. She is reputed to be over ninety years of age and her husband was a soldier of the revolution. Her father was also a revolutionary soldier and served as I have been informed through a long period of the revolutionary War. When the British army passed through Mecklenburg County, during the various trials of that period Susan Alexander was distinguished for her activity in giving aid to the Whigs and especially to the soldiers who were wounded during in the different skirmishes which were ^took^ place in the vicinity of Charlotte She was especially distinguished by her intrepidity in preserving the life of Major Joseph Graham the father of the Hon W A Graham—Secretary of the Navy—whom she found lying on the road-side—badly wounded—and by her personal actions carryd him to her mothers House—situated at a ^short^ distance from the high way, and then concealed him until so that his life was saved. She has ever been distinguished for uprightness and integrity and is regarded with great veneration in the community in which she lives.

James W Osborne
Supt. B. Mint of the
U.S. at Charlotte
Sept. 25d 1851—

Susanna Alexander
wid of John
Act 4 July 1836
Add. 9 mo Pri. $30
per ann from 4 Mch 1831—
Add by the Commissioner—

Cert sent to
Hon W. A. Graham
Secy of War ^Navy^—