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Charlotte N.C. Oct 23d. 1851—

Hon. J. E Heath Com. of Pensions—

Enclosed you will find the Declaration of Susannah Alexander accompanied with the certificate of the superintendent of the Branch Mint at this place, also a certificate from an old man by the name of Allison formerly of this County—you will also find the certificates of the Secretary of State, of N. Carolina, and the Comptroller of this State—

The Secretary of State's certificate has never been before the department until now—for the reason that it never was applied for.

I have been informed that the Comptrollers certificate with the evidence of marriage of Susannah Alexander, to John Alexander, was filed in the Pension office in 1846—by a man named Hardin—a sort of itinerant pension agent who was pedling through the country during the year 1846—

If I have not been informed correctly you will please let me know in order that the testimony may be supplied—

For further information as to the history and character of Susannah Alexander—I [let] leave to refer you to the Hon. Wm. A. Graham Secretary of the Navy—

Very respectfully

Your Obt. Servt.

W. F. Davidson

Oct 29 1851
Appl. of Susannah
Alexander widow
of John

W. F Davidson