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Febry 26.

No. Carolina







Mr. Dobbs Governor of North Carolina attending, their Lordships took into Consideration his Memorial relative to his Salary mention’d in the Minutes of the 31st of Janry. and ordered the Draught of a Representation to His Majesty thereupon to be prepared.

Their Lordships took into Consideration a Memorial of Mr. Dobbs to His Majesty (referred to this Board by the Lords of the Committee of Council) relative to military Stores for the Fort built in that province mention’d in the Minutes of the 31st of January and Mr. Dobbs was desired to attend again to Morrow Morning with the Agent of the Province and to lay before their Lordships Evidence in support of the Allegations of the said Memorial.

Read a Memorial of Mr. Henry McCulloh to the Board setting forth the Hardships he labours under, and praying their Lordships to recommend his Case to His Majesty’s Consideration.

Their Lordships agreed to take the said Memorial into Consideration to Morrow Morning, and the Secretary was directed to write to Mr. McCulloh to desire his Attendance.