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Governors of New Hampshire Massachuset's Bay New York New Jersey Connecticut Rhode Island Nova Scotia Newfoundland Pensylvania Maryland Virginia No. Carolina So. Carolina Georgia

No. 1

Whitehall 13th. March 1756 


I have acquainted You in my Letter of this Date, with the King's having appointed the Earl of Loudoun to be Commander in Chief of all His Majesty's Forces in North America;  But as it will be some Time before His Lordship, or Major General Abercrombie, who is to be the next in Command to Him, can set out from hence, The King has directed Colonel Webb, (who will forward this Letter to You) to embark immediately for North America, and to take upon Him the Command of the Forces there, till the Arrival of Lord Loudoun, or Major General Abercrombie.  You will therefore correspond with Colonel Webb, and give Him all necessary Lights, and Assistances, in the same manner, you were directed to do to the late General Braddock. 

It having been represented that a considerable Number of the Foreign Settlers in America, might be more willing to enter into The King's Service, if they were commanded by Officers of their own Country, An Act of Parliament has been passed, of which I send You inclosed a Printed Copy, enabling His Majesty to grant Commissions to a certain Number of German, Swiss, & Dutch Protestants, who have served as Officers or Engineers; and as they have already engaged, they will embark with all Expedition, in order to assist in Raising and Commanding such of the Foreign Protestants, in North America, as shall be able and willing to serve with the rest of the Forces upon this Occasion; And it is the King's Pleasure, that You should give any of the said Officers, who may come into Your Government, all the Assistance in Your Power in the Execution of this Service. 

It being of the greatest Importance that His Majesty should in the present Situation of Affairs be truly & exactly informed of the real State of Defence of all His Colonies in America, as well in relation to the Ordnance & Stores of War, which are in Each Colony respectively, as to the Forts, & Fortifications, & the Number of their Inhabitants; It is the King's Pleasure that You should prepare and transmit to the Earl of Loudoun, or to the Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Forces for the time being, an exact & particular Account thereof, with respect to the Colony under Your Government, in which You are to express the present actual State & Quantity of the Cannon, small Arms, Ammunition, & other Ordnance & Military Stores, belonging to the said Colony, either in the Publick Magazines, or in the Possession of the Militia, or other Private Persons, together with the true State of all Places, either already fortified, or which You judge fortwith necessary to be fortified, with Your Opinion at large, in what manner His Majesty may farther Contribute to the Security and Defence of the said Colony, and also as exact an Account, as you can obtain, of what Number the Militia is composed, and how Armed, Mustered, & Trained. 

I am &ca.

H. Fox

Circular to the Governors
in North America
Whitehall 13th. March 1756
(No. 2)