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List of Dispatches, for America, sent from Mr. Secretary Pitt's Office

Decr. 30th. 1757.

To the Governor of Nova Scotia.
  No. Carolina.
  So. Carolina.
  New York.
  New Jersey.
  Massachuset's Bay.
  New Hampshire
To the Govr. & Company of Rhode Island.
To the Deputy Governor of Maryland.

To the Earl of Loudon.

To Majr. Genl. Abercromby, or the Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Forces, in No. America.

One Box, in Oyl SKin, directed To Majr. Genl. Abercromby, as above.

One large Black Box; also directed to Majr. Genl. Abercromby, as above

To Lieut. Colo. Montresor. 

To Lieut. Colo. Williamson. 

Decr. 30th 1757. Received the above Dispatches Josa. Loring. 


The Box in Oyl Skin contained Genl. Abercromby's Two Commissions, as Commander in Chief⁠—His Instructions⁠—the warrant for the Rank of Provincials⁠—& the Long instructive Letter, with the Inclosures. 

The Black Box contained all the other Miltary Commissions, Lord Barrington's Letters, & several other Letters, that had been sent to the office for America.

Decr. 30th: 1757. Capt.
Loring's Receipt for
Dispatches to America.