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An oath for the Members of assembly & all officers Civill and Military.

I, A. B. do sincerely promise and Swear, that I will be faithfull & bear true allegiance, to the state of North Carolina & to the powers and authorities which may be Established for the Government thereof not Inconsistent with the Constitution & that I will to the utmost [o]f my power maintain and defend the same against all attempts whatsoever, and I do declare that no foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, State [o]r Potentate hath or ought to have [a]ny Jurisdiction, Power, Superiority preeminence, or Authority, civill [o]r Ecclesiasticall within the same. And I do Solemnly and Sincerely declare that I do believe in my Conscience that neither George the third King of great Britain Nor the Parliament thereof Jointly with the said King or separately, have any Right or Title to the Dominion or Sovereignty in over this state, or to any part of the government thereof: And I do Renounce, refuse, & abjure any allegiance or obedience to them or Either of them, or to any Person or persons put in Authority by or under him or them. And I do swear that I will to the utmost of my Power defend the said mu State of ^against^ all Traiterous Conspiracies and attempts whatsoever that shall Be made against the same, and I will do my utmost Endeavour to disclose and make known to the Legislative or executive powers of the said State all Treasons & Traiterous conspiracies which I shall know to be carried on or Intended against the said State. And I do faithfully promise to the utmost of my power, to support, maintain, & defend the Independence of this state against him the said George & all other persons whatsoever—

And all these things I do plainly & sincerely acknowledge & swear according to these Express words by me spoken & according to the plain and common sense & understanding of the same words, without any Equivocation, mental evasion or Secret Reservation whatsoever, & I do make this acknowlidgement, abjuration, renunciation, & promise heartily willingly, & truly upon the True faith of a Christian.

So help me God

State of No Carolina

I, A. B. do swear that as a Justice of the peace in the county of Chowan in all articles in the Commission to me directed, I will do Equal right to the poor & to the rich after my Cunning Wit, & power & to the best of my Judgment, according to law: & I will not be of Council in any Quarrell Hanging before me: I will not let for gift or other cause, but well & Truly I will do my Office of a Justice of the peace as well within the County Courts & Sessions as without & I will not Take any Fee, gift Gratuity or Reward for any thing to be done by Virtue of my office, & I will not direct or cause to be directed any Warrant by me to be made to the Parties, but I will direct such to the sherriff or constable of the County or other officers or ministers of the State or other Indifferent Person to do Execution thereof—

So help me God

Jos: Blount  
Edw Vail  
Thos: Bonner  
James Blount  
Wm Boyd  
Thos: Benbury  
Joseph Underhill  
Joseph Hewes Jos: Blount
Rob Smith Joseph Hewes
Chas. Bondfield Thos Bonner
Michl Payne Jno B Beasley
Demsey Sumner James Sumner
Jno B Beasley Wm Boyd
Luke Sumner Jacob Hunter
Jos Granbery Luke Sumner
Thos. Hunter Thos. Benbury
Jacob Hunter Thos. Hunter
William Roberts Chas. Bondfield
  Joseph Underhill
  William Roberts
  Evan Skinner
Willm Bennett W: Borritz
Rob Smith Jacob Jordan
James Blount
Evan Skinner
Joseph Blount Junr.
David Davis
Jos Granbury
Rob. Hardy
Jno. Hornsblow
Danl Earl  
S Cabarrus