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To N.Y.

As there are a large number of Men to be raised in this Country, pursuant to H. M's. Commands, signified to me by Mr. Secretary Pitts Letter, of the 30th. of December last, which will require a much larger Quantity of Provisions (than was before apprehended to be neccessary) for the effectual Supply of this additional number of Troops; which will render it requisite to Impress all kinds of Provisions for this Service, I must therefore desire you, Sir, that you will take the proper measures that all Provisions in the Army under my Command may what should be Impressed and Secured & delivered to the Contractors or their Agents they paying a reasonable price for the same; I desire that you will appoint proper persons to settle & fix equal price between the Owners & Contractors that there may be no ground or reason of Complaint on either side.

 And as by my Letter of [intentionally blank] I have applied to You pursuant to H. M's. Command to an Embargo of all Vessels within the Parts of Your Governmt which may possibly prevent them from coming to New York with provisions for the Army under my Command, I must desire ^in order that the difficulties your Trade is laid under by this Embargo, may be the sooner removed^ that you will give permission to sail Vessels to come thither: & that there may be no reason for fraud or deceit, I would desire that the Masters may be obliged to enter into bond, with sufficient Sureties <Jersey, Pensilvania, Carolina> in such a sum as you shall think proper, that they shall Land the provisions in the part & return Certificate, within a reasonable time of their having so done.

Circular to the Govrs. of the Continent