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To the Directors of the State Prison:-
Raleigh, N.C.


In accordance with the custom that has prevailed for many years I hereby submit the following recommendations. I have made careful study of all these matters, and am satisfied that in maning these gentlemen for the several positions for which I recommend them no mistake will be made:-

For Superintendent State Prison, J. R. Collie.
For Chief Clerk, E. F. McCulloch.
For Warden, S. J. Busbee.
Physicians to Prison and Dept. for Criminal Insane, Dr. Carl W. Bell [&] Dr. C. E. Judd1.
Superintendents of the two farms in Halifax County, Capt. C. N. Christian [&] Capt. C. J. Rhem.
Physician to the State Farms, Dr. F. M. Register.



1. Most likely Eugene Clarence Judd, born April 24, 1882, near Holly Springs, North Carolina.