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State Prison

Frank M. Register, M. D.
Tillery, N.C.

Governor T. W. Bickett,

Dear Governor:

The first thing I want to say is to thank you for your confidence in me, to appoint me physician to the State Farm. I see by the Greensboro News, that the Board wanted to enquire into “one or two things,” before making the appointment permanent. Last November this same thing came up or I suppose the same thing, came up between myself, & the Board & Supt. Messrs. J. W. Bailey, E. L. Travis, A. P. Kitchen, Cameron Morrison, & others prepared ourselves, at great expense to myself, to answer all charges against me, went to Raleigh before the Board Dec 5/1916, and low and behold, they said I was a good fellow and a good Doctor, dismissed all charges and said go home and forget it. I am just telling you this to put me right with you and the public. I certainly want the findings of the findings of the Board published, for as it stands now, I am in a much worse plight before the public, than if I had not had even a temporary appointment from the Board. But aside from all this, I told my wife last week, while sick in bed, that if I got the appointment I was going to resign on acct of the new law which compels the physician or Chaplain, to witness all corporal punishments. I could not retain my self respect and be a dumb witness to this. As Mr. J. W. Bailey knows all about my trouble last year with Supt. and Board and is my good friend, I am asking him to carry my resignation in to you, and to explain in detail to you all about this matter, for I have given to him my most intimate thoughts.

With highest personal regards from my wife & self
I beg to remain
Your sincere friend