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Mr. H. B. Varner,
Lexington, N.C.

My dear Mr. Varner:-

I am strongly inclined to recommend that the entire administration of the State Prison be conducted from the State Farm in Halifax. I am impressed that if an administration building should be erected upon the farm and the superintendent and his staff should live there, the affairs of the Prison could be conducted much more economically than they can be in Raleigh, and the Superintendent could give much more intelligent attention to the care of the great farm that we have down there.

Such a change would also release for the use of the hospitals for the insane the present Penitentiary building which could be remodelled so as to accommodate twelve thousand patients.

I would be very glad indeed for you to write me fully your views about this proposition, as I am thinking of incorporating the above suggestion in my message to the General Assembly.

Very truly yours,