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John Wheatly being sworn on the Holy Avangelists of Almighty God Deposeth & sayth as follows (to wit) that James Sharrard asked him if he coud keep a Secret and after a while he took a Book and put it into this Deponants hand and he the sd. Sharrard said to this Deponant, you shall keep this close and not reveal it to any but such as I shall Teach you, then he the sd. Sharrard Read the Constitution, and this Dept. objected to some Articles in sd Constitution but Swore as follows (to Wit) that he this Deponent Should Defend and protect all Draughted Destrst or opprest persons or them that are Called Tories if We think ourselves fully able and if the King Conquered the Cuntry that We Shall Save our Estates and that the sd Sherrod told him that it Would be Nesary for Each man to provide himself With Half of a pound of Lead Powder and Lead and this Deponent further Sayeth that the Sceeme Was to Drop it being Discover'd and this Deponent further Sayeth that Sherrod inform'd him that Leweling had up many Indeavours before he Brought him in the Sceeme and that Mr. Sherrod had Represented the state Oath to this Deponent in a Very Dreadfull Light Contrary to What he Now find it and further this Deponent Sayeth not—

Sworn before me this

4th Day of July 1777

William Slade J.P

N.B. Mr. Sharard told this Dept. that he woud be glad the Neighbours woud go down to Court & he beleives the intent was to releive any person that shoud be Imprisoned or Destressed.

The Depn. of
John Wheatly
agn. James Sherrod.