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Hon. T. W. Bickett Governor
Raleigh, N.C.

Dear Sir

I have been a resident of Monroe N.C. for near a year. I registered thair on June 5th was drafted and sent to Camp Jackson S.C.

I claimed exemption to the local board at Monroe and also the district board at Statesville but was denied at both Places.

I have a wife one eleven months baby, absolutely dependent. And a mother sixty-seven years old Partely dependent on my wages for support.—

I own no Property of any Consequence None that brings me in any revenue Whatever

If you know of any way you Can help me I certainly Will appreciate it.

I had a Pretty good salry and could keep up all right. But my Wife Will have to go work for a living now for her self and child

Please advise if you Can do any thing for me.

Very Respectifuly

Winnin R. Dyson

Batty C 317 F.A. Camp Jackson S.C.