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Hon. T. W. Bicket,
Raleigh, N.C.

Dear Governor:

I am informed that an effort is being made to remove the Exemption Board of the Western District from this place to Greensboro, N.C.. I do not believe that this will be a wise thing, as you know, this is about the center of the District, and to remove the office to Greensboro would place it at the extreme Eastern quarter of it. And, if it is moved the office would have to be reorganized and start anew.

The Chief Clerk now is from Mecklenburg, the Assistant from Rowan, and the Board as now organized can do the work more economically and for less money than it can in Greensboro.

As you know, this County was strong for you and is now, and your friends here do not want the office removed. We had to give one Term of the Federal Court for the board, as it occupies the Court Room, and while it does not bring much revenue to this point, it does help some. As I said before, your friends here do not want the office removed, and I am writing this letter for myself and them to ask you to use your influence against such a movement.

You will recall that Guilford did no big thing for you when you needed help in comparison with the majority Iredell gave you, and it is a further fact that Guilford has gotten much out of the present administration.

I have no doubt that the people of the District, as a whole, would oppose such a movement, and I, therefore, hope that you will use your influence against it.

With personal regards, I am,

Yours truly,