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Local Board for the County of Gaston
State of North Carolina

From: Local Board for Gaston County, Gastonia, N. C.

To: Capt. Thos B. McCargo, Jr. Raleigh, N. C.

Subject: Worth C. Carpenter, Order No. 3462, No. 3,328, 430 53rd Co., 5th Group M. T. Depot.


We beg to acknowledge your esteemed favor of the 29th inst., with enclosure, which we herewith enclose as requested.

We appreciate greatly the action of the offices of the Governor and the Adjutant General in laying this matter before the Provost Marshal General, to the end that a thorough investigation may be made.

The board has considered very carefully the contents of the Provost Marshal General's letter, and after a careful review of the case are of the opinion that the factsas stated in our letter to the Adjutant General under date of October 17th, are not over stated, and that the prejudice to the influence and work of the Board are not mere opinions as to the future or prophecies, but are statements of facts as to conditions which have actually been at work and are now at work in the County by reason of the matter with which we are now dealing. The Board is speaking from a long and intimate acquaintance with the circumstances surrounding this case. From the first intimation that registrnat would be placed in Class One a determined fight was projected to prevent it, and every technical advantage was sought to prevent the Board from doing what was just. Appeals were taken in every instance where the right existed, and efforts made where the right did not exist. At leat five firms of attorneys that the Board knows of were employed at different times to undo the action of theBoard. Affidavit after affidavit was filed, false within the knowledge of the Board in many cases, and in other instances to the knowledge of reputable, disinterested, patriotic people, fully acquainte dwith the parties and conditions, were presente d to the Localand District Boards to deceive and obtain undue advantage. The registrant has not been other than a parasite or encumbrance upon his father; of a character and of habits that made him unacceptable for business, and his father had the means to indulge him, permitted him to stay at home, and lead an immoral and dissapated life, and gave him financial support. And such in a large measure has been the case since the return here on this indefinite furlough, and this can be show by affidavit from reliable people. The Board has not interest whatever in this matter, except to see that justice is done, and that their work may be upheld not only by the authorities over us, but by the moral support and respect of the citizens of this County, with whom we have to deal, and whose verdict means a great deal to us, if our work be successful. We can not hold the goof opinion and support of the people of our county, as we see it, if unrighteosness and unfair discrimination is done in respect to men who are inducted by this Board.

We state advisedly that righteousness and justice can only be done inone way in regard to this registrant, and that is to return him to the service without delay. The Board is sufficiently cognizant of the circumstances and truth surrounding this case, and the relations which have heretofore existed between this registrant and this father's manufacturing plant, to take the responsibility of saying that registrant before his induction was neither a regular or useful employee of his father, had little or nothing to do with any kind of business; occupied no responsible place in his father's mill, or in any other mill, and any statements to the contrary are false and deceiving, and only on such statements in an ex parte proceeding could there be a show for deferred classification on industrial grounds. We know conditions here, and know that no injustice is being done him, but that he can not be kept out of the service on an indefinite furlough, without shocking the sense of right of our community, and without affecting and casting suspicion upon the work of this Board.

We have after weeks and months spent in going over this case, and acting upon the various shifting grounds which have been presente d from time to tome by this registrant to evade service, reached the above as an unalterable opinion so far as we are concerned.

We repeat that we wholly appreciate the co-operation of the Executive and Adjutant General's Department in this State to obtain an investigation and relief in the premises, and we realize that we have gone quite far in making requests of each of these departments and that you have gone your full length in doing what you could to clarify the matter. We have felt that this was the initial course for us to pursue in seeking a relief that must be had, without which the Board feels that its usefulness will be lost, and trust that the relief may come in this way, and not place the Board in a position that they must seek it otherwise.

Thanking you for your kindness and courtesy, and awaiting with great interest the report of investigation of the Provost Marshal General we are,

Yours very truly,

Thos. L. Craig.