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Circular Letter to the Governors of Pensylvania Mary Land Virginia South Carolina & North Carolina

New York March 29th. 1758

As by the Enclosed Extract of Mr. Secretary Pitts Letter to me Dated from Whitehall Decr. the 30th. 1757, I am directed to Appoint Colonel Forbes (who by the same Conveyance has received his Majestys Commission of Brigadier General in America) to Command such Forces as I shall judge proper to leave in the Frontier Provinces. I have in Consequence of the said directions appointed Brigadier General Forbes to that Command: and in order to Enable him the Better to carrye on this Service pursuant to His Majestys Instructions I have furnished him with a Copy of the above Extract, as likewise with that of Mr. Secretary Pitts Circular Letter to you of the same Date, by which you are Acquainted that such Troops as in Obedience there to shall be raised are to be under the said Brigadier General Forbes Supreme Command. In order therefore that he may meet with no delay in the Execution of these his Majestys Commands which must be the Case, were he obliged to have recourse to, and Wait for Answers from me upon every matter that may occurr and require an immediate decesion, which from the distance that may be between him and me might retard if not entierly disappoint the best of measures. I must therefore I say, Enjoin and request You Solely to Correspond with him, and beg that you will give him all the Aid and Assistance recommended to you in the last mention'd Letter, and that you will look upon whatever he shall require of you pursuant thereto in the same light as if it came from me.

I am with great Regard

Sir &c