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Brunswick 13th. June 1758—


I received Your Excellency's Letter of March last, the 28th. April, Via Charlestown, and immediately laid on the Embargo, which still continues; The Reason of my not answering your Favor sooner, now occasiond by Our Assembly's then Sitting, and immediately after I fell into a Violent Disorder, of which I have but lately recover'd, and waited my getting here, where I now reside and to acquaint you with my sending off 3 Companies which are to be compleated 300 Men, to join Brigr. Gen. Forbes in Virginia; But, tho' we have raised, paid them, and cloathed them in the Province, yet we have no Way of paying them out of the Province, and have been obliged to write to Brigr. Gen. Forbes to advance the Pay for them upon the Credit of Our Share of the Dividend of the £50,000 granted to the Southern Colonies, of which you are to proportion the Dividend. The Quota which this Province has furnished is above £57,000 this Currency, which is a great Sum for this poor Colony, which has no Specie in it, but subsists upon a depreciated Paper Currency, which has no Credit out of the Province, and therefore hope you will proportion the Several Shares to each of the three Provinces in Proportion to Our Wealth, and Credit, otherwise Our Companies must disband in Virginia for Want of Pay, and write to England to have it placed to Our Account, that we may have a Credit upon it to pay off what Brigr. Forbes may Advance for us.

I hope before this comes to Hand that you will have made a considerable Advance in your Operations against the French. God Grant you Success, as I hope he will now lead our Armies and Fleets in Support of the Protestant Cause, and our Civil Liberties.  

 I am with great Regard


Your Excellencys most obedient

and most Humble Servant.

Arthur Dobbs