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Hon Locke Craig.
Raleigh N.C.

Dear Sir.

We notice in Saturdays. News & Observer where you have appointed Mr W. A. Hall of Yadkinville to have charge of the government funds for Yadkin County Relief Work. Mr Hall is some 11 or 12 Miles from the nearest damaged section, & so far as we know has neaver taken any interest in this relief work. he is a life long Republican and we presume you know what the Republicans have done for Yadkin County, Our democrats are very mutch supprised to see you put this fund in their power.

Mr J. W. Shore is a life long democrat Cashier of Commercial & Saving Bank of Boonville. and is interested in this work. he has already been contributing to the suffers. knowing the situation & the men interested this Committee most respectfully ask that you place Mr J. W. Shore on this Committee.

Yours very truly.

T. L. Hayes. Chairman
L. F. Amburn Secy.
H. F. Pardue Treas.