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[April 1917]


Whereas, It has been widely published through the Public Press that German secret agents are engaged in efforts to incite the Negro of the south to disloyalty against the government of the United States, in the present war between the United States and the Imperial German government,

Whereas, there are those who are trying to make the impression that the Negro is giving ear to such treasonable sentiments,

And whereas, we deem any such suspicion a most foul and diabolical aspersion on the entire Negor Race in America, assailing as it does a recordof patriotism and devotion unmatched in the history of any civilization known to the world; which has been demonstrated in every war faught in defence of the honor and rights of our country, whether it be 186,713 Negroes who fought to defend Old Glory and save the Union, or the millions in the south, who took care of and protected the wives and children of their Masters while away on the battle field, this was unparalleled loyalty and devotion.

Therefore, we the Negroes citizens of Washington N.C. in mass meeting assembled, do resolve; that now as ever, we yield unqualified allegience to our State and Country, and stand ready to render any service of which we are able in vendicating its rights, and sustaining its dignity as one of the great nations of the earth.

Resolve, that any suggestion of our disloyalty comes to us as a great ensult. In every war of this Country, the Negro has borne himself bravly on the field of battle, and protecting and careing for those left at home; We are Americans, without a mordifying adjective, He knows no other Country

Resolved; that while regretting the fact, he is deprived of the common rights granted to other citizens of this Country, even to those who would destroy it, the Negro is ready now, as ever, to serve his government with a patriotic devotion, that he will allow none to excell,

Resolved, that the President of this meeting appoint a committee, to formulate and expression of our attitude in the present crisis,

Resolved, that a copy of these resolutionsbe sent to the Press of the city, and the Associated Press, with the request that they be published,

Resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the President of the United States, and to our Represenitives and Senators in Congress.

Respectfully submitted.

Rev. J. H. Love, D.D.,
Rev. S. N. Sterling, B. D.,
Rev. J. B. Brown,
Rev. E. F. Rollins, D. D.
Rev. J. W. Grimes,
Rev. A. G. Davis, D. D.,
Rev. A. F. Wright,
Rev. J. R. Spencer,
Rev. N. W. Spencer,
Rev. W. J. F. Moore, D. D.,
Mr. W. A. Bridgers,
Mr. W. G. Saunders,
Dr. J. M. Loyd,
Dr. W. T. Beebe,
Mr. David Price,
Mr. James A. Lucas,
Mr. J. E. Cooper,
Mr. R. Mitchell,1
Mr. Lewis Swindell,
Rev. J. B. Brown secretary.

Box 118,

1. Most likely this is Robert Mitchell, of Washington, N.C.