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On Monday night, April 9th, 1917, the colored citizens of Pantego, represented by a body numbering about two hundred met and adopted the following resolutions:

“WHEREAS, some of the American newspapers have published articles contrary to the true patriotic spirit of the American Negro, and

WHEREAS, numbers of the white people of our community are doubtful as to the stand we will take relative to the present crisis,

Be it resolved: (1) That the colored citizens of Pantego Township organize into a band for the protection of home and the defense of the American Union. (2) That the Negro population pf Pantego set apart a day and give public demonstration to anti-Germanism.

Further, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the Mayor of the town, to the Governor of this state, and to the President of the United States.

(Signed) Frank H. Mebane,
Prin. Pantego Col. School.

By the unanimous consent of those present.