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George Lake Imes was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on October 12, 1883. Imes was a minister and educator who was a longtime staff member (1910-1935) at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. He died in Washington, D.C., on September 15, 1957.

Thornton W. Ingle was born in Rowan County in February 1867. He moved to Black Mountain (Buncombe County) by 1897, when he was appointed the town's postmaster. Ingle primarily worked as a carpenter. He died at his Black Mountain home on August 10… Read More

Needham Ingram was born in Johnston County, North Carolina, on January 1, 1855. Ingram moved to North Wilkesboro (Wilkes County) in 1909, where he worked as a junk dealer. He died in North Wilkesboro on April 9, 1919.

James Innes (circa 1700-1759) was a Scotland-born colonial administrator and British army officer who served as Commander-in-Chief of British forces in America (1754) and governor of Fort Cumberland (1755-1756). He was a member of the Colonial… Read More

Nancy Elizabeth Inscore (née Mathis) was born on March 10, 1865, in Yadkin County, North Carolina. She married Thomas William Inscore in November 1883. She died in Middlefork (Forsyth County) on July 12, 1947.

Thomas Clingman Inscore was born on May 7, 1895, in Yadkin County, North Carolina. Inscore was a farmer working for his mother when he registered for the draft (World War I) in June 1917. He was called to service on August 31, 1918, but it is… Read More

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a labor organization established in 1891. Today the union represents approximately 775,000 active and retired electricians and linemen.

James Iredell (5 October 1751-20 October 1799) was a lawyer who resided in Edenton. A distant relation of… Read More

Charles Henry Ireland, Sr. was born on March 12, 1859, in Lovingston, Virginia. Ireland was a businessman in Lynchburg before moving to North Carolina in 1882. He was a longtime resident of Greensboro, where he was president and general manager… Read More

John Rich Ireland was born in Alamance County, North Carolina on May 18, 1841. Ireland served as the Deputy Sheriff of Alamance County in 1870, and in July of 1870, Col. George B. Bergen arrested him, along with several others for being members… Read More

Robert Livingston Ireland, Jr., was born on February 1, 1895, in Cleveland, Ohio. Ireland was a prominent businessman and philanthropist. During World War I, he served in the Naval Reserve and was assigned the task of establishing a seaplane… Read More

Henry Irwin (c1725-1777) was a a politician and soldier who represented Edgecombe County at the 4th North Carolina Provincial Congress in Halifax. He served as a Lt. Colonel first for the Halifax Minutemen and later for the 5th North Carolina… Read More

Elijah Isaacs was born in Virginia in about 1730. He later moved to Surry County and served as a captain in the Surry County Regiment of the North Carolina Militia from 1776-1777. He then served as a captain in the Wilkes County Regiment from… Read More

Frank Teague Isbell was born on August 27, 1893, in Blackstone, North Carolina. Isbell was employed at the Ohio Blower Company in Cleveland, Ohio, when he was drafted for military service during World War I. He served with the 317th Field… Read More

Stepan Ivachko was a Russian nationalist who worked as a lumberer for the Dare Lumber Company in 1913. At the logging town of Buffalo City, in Dare county, Ivachko and two other Russian citizens were assaulted by North Carolinians, prompting an… Read More