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Peoria, Ill

Henry Zevely (1736-1795) was a resident of Rowan County who signed a petition to Arthur Dobbs in 1762 requesting that he appoint a justice of the peace for Rowan County.

Algernon Augustus Zollicoffer was born on April 3, 1888, in Henderson, North Carolina. Zollicoffer was the bookkeeper for the Henderson and Harriet Cotton Mills in Henderson when he registered for the draft (World War I) in June 1917. During the… Read More

Allison Caulincourt Zollicoffer was born on April 29, 1854, in Weldon, North Carolina. Zollicoffer was a lawyer who served one term in the state senate and as a government appeals agent for Vance County during World War I. He died in Richmond,… Read More