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Name Type
P. A. Richardson

Resident of Nashville NC in 1919

Pace, William Heck

Born December 7, 1883, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Pace was an attorney in Raleigh when he registered for the draft (World War I) in June 1917. He entered the service in September 1918 with the rank of major and was assigned to the judge advocate general's department. He undertook this work at Camp Sevier, Camp Lee, and in Washington, D.C. He was honorably discharged on September 30, 1919.

Park, Gwyn L.

Born September 8, 1870, in Surry County, North Carolina. Park was an attorney in Jefferson, North Carolina, who served on the Ashe County Exemption Board and as the Government Appeals Agent for Ashe County during World War I.

Parker, Frederick Marshall

Born September 15, 1875, in Enfield, North Carolina. Parker was a physician in Enfield who served on the Halifax County Exemption Board during World War I.

Patrick Mann Estes, Sr.

Born January 27, 1872, in Brownsville, Tennessee. Estes was an attorney who practiced and resided in Nashville, Tennessee.

Patrick Smith
Patterson, Neill Thomas

Neill Thomas Patterson was born April 14, 1878, in Harnett County, North Carolina. He was president of the Bank of Coats. In the turmoil of a faltering economy just after World War I, a state bank examiner shut the bank's doors. The development sent Patterson into despondency, and on Monday, December 6, 1920, he died by suicide. He was forty-two years old and left a wife and seven children.

Pattie Olive Vaughn Harbour White

Born March 25, 1845, in Virginia. White, nee Harbour, was a farm owner in Alamance County, North Carolina. She was married to Benjamin Franklin White.

Paul Bunch

He signed a petition with other men from Johnston County to Arthur Dobbs requesting the governor appoint new captains for the company in Johnston County.

Paul Evans

Paul Evans, born in Wayne County, North Carolina, circa 1870. Evans was a carpenter in Goldsboro.

Pavel Nikolayevich Milyukov

Born January 27, 1859, in Moscow, Russia. Milyukov served as Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Russian Provisional Government from March 2, 1917, to May 2, 1917.

Pearce, Emily Frances Miller

Born November 27, 1856, in Wayne County, North Carolina. Pearce, nee Miller, married Hezekiah Pearce on May 19, 1881.

Pearce, Hezekiah E.

Born May 19, 1857, in Boon Hill (Johnston County), North Carolina. Pearce was a farmer in Johnston County.

Pearce, John William

Born May 22, 1893, in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Pearce was a farmer in Princeton, North Carolina, when he registered for the draft (World War I) in June 1917. He was subsequently inducted into the service in September 1917 and served with the 322nd Infantry. He deserted his unit around January 1918 and returned to it in July 1918. On May 3, 1919, he was dishonorably discharged from the service.

Pearley Athen Hoyle

Born July 18, 1887, in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Hoyle was a farmer and constable in Casar, North Carolina.

Pearsall, Patrick Murphy

Born August 28, 1859, in Sampson County, North Carolina. An attorney by training, Pearsall served as the executive secretary of Governor Charles B. Aycock (1901-1905) and later as chairman of the state board of elections.

Peregrine Thomas Hopson

He was a British Army officer who became governor of Nova Scotia (1752-1754). He also led a major expedition to the West Indies during the Seven Year's War, in which he died.

Perry Lester Miles

Born October 15, 1873, in Westerville, Ohio. A career Army officer and veteran of the Spanish American War, Miles served as colonel of the all-African American 371st Infantry Regiment during World War I. In recognition of his service, he was decorated with the Distinguished Service Medal and the French Croix de Guerre.

Pershing, John Joseph

Born September 13, 1860, near Laclede, Missouri. Pershing was a West Point graduate and career military officer who served as commander of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I.

Peter Armstrong Holt

Born February 25, 1891, in Alamance County, North Carolina. In 1920, Holt provided testimony in an investigation into an attempted lynching in Graham, North Carolina. He was employed as a bookkeeper at the L. Banks Holt Manufacturing Company.

Peter Green

He signed an undated letter of petition to Arthur Dobbs on behalf of William Strother, possibly around 1763.

Peter Halkett Person
Peter Henley

Henley was Chief Justice of North Carolina, intermittently from 1755-1758.

Peter Johnson

He signed a letter of petition to Arthur Dobbs on behalf of William Strother and Oliver Wallace who were accused of horse stealing and sentenced to death.

Peter R. Livingston

He was an owner of the vessel Sloop Dove.

Peter Wilson Hairston

Born February 11, 1871, at Oak Hill Plantation in Virginia. Hairston was a farmer and landowner in Davie County, North Carolina, who served as chairman of the Davie County Exemption Board during World War I.

Pettig Howard

He signed a letter of petition to Arthur Dobbs on behalf of William Strother ca. 1763.

Pharr & Bell

Henry Neal Pharr (born October 24, 1865) and James Ardrey Bell (born September 12, 1866), of Charlotte, North Carolina-based law firm Pharr & Bell.

Philemon Hawkins

He was born September 28, 1717 and died September 10, 1801. He signed a letter of petition to Arthur Dobbs on behalf of William Strother. He served as an officer in the NC militia during the Revolutionary War and later in the NC General Assembly.

Philemon McGee Utley

Born October 23rd, 1889, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Utley was a clerk for the Virginian Railway Company in Norfolk, Virginia, when he applied for the draft (World War I) in June 1917.

Philip Durell

An Admiral in the Royal Navy, Durell (1707-1766) commanded all of the British Navy in North America during the Seven Years War.

Philip Johnston
Philip Livingston

He was an owner of the vessel Schooner St. Michael.

Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke
Pierre de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil-Cavagnal
Pittman, David Edward

Born September 21, 1888, in Frank, North Carolina. Pittman was a merchant in the Frank community of Avery County when he registered for the draft (World War I) in May 1917. He was subsequently inducted into the service in May 1918 and served with the 316th Field Artillery and the 156th Depot Brigade until honorably discharged in July 1919.

Pleas David Cline

Born May 13, 1882, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. A longtime resident of Winston-Salem, Cline was, at various times, a laborer, carpenter, house painter, and machinist. During the course of his life, he had several run-ins with the law for assault, drunkenness, and failure to quarantine while infected with smallpox. On November 17, 1918, Cline joined a violent mob in attempting to lynch an African American man named Russell High, who was then incarcerated in the Winston-Salem city jail. The incident turned into a outright riot, forcing the governor to deploy National Guard troops to the city to put down the lynch mob. High's life was spared. For his part, Cline was sentenced to 14 months on a road crew. Gov. Thomas W. Bickett pardoned him after serving ten.

Powell, Edward Farrior

Born October 11, 1892, in Whiteville, North Carolina. Powell was employed as a cashier at the Bank of Columbus when he registered for the draft (World War I) in June 1917. He served in the United States Navy at Section Base Charleston in South Carolina from August 1918 until the armistice on November 11, 1918.

Powell, George Sumpter

Born in September 1848 in North Carolina. Powell was a prominent businessman in Asheville, North Carolina, who served as chairman of the city's No. 2 Exemption Board during World War I.

Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha
Princess Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Streitlitz
Pritchard, Jeter Conley

Born July 12, 1857, in Jonesboro, Tennessee. Pritchard was a newspaperman-turned-lawyer who served in the North Carolina General Assembly for three terms before ascending to the United States Senate in 1895 to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Zebulon Vance. Though a Republican, he managed to hold the seat until 1901. In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt appointed him to the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, launching a long and impressive judicial career. From 1904 until his death in 1921, he served as judge for the Circuit Court of Appeals of the Fourth District.

Privy Council
Proctor, George Robert

Born May 24, 1896, in Newport, Tennessee. Proctor was employed in the Lancaster Cotton Mill in Lancaster, South Carolina, when he registered for the draft (World War I) in June 1917. He was subsequently inducted into the service in October 1917 and served with the 321st Infantry until honorably discharged in June 1919. He was deployed overseas from July 1918 to June 1919.

Proctor, Harriett Hoover

Born September 14, 1862, in McDowell County, North Carolina. Proctor, nee Hoover, married Rufus Proctor on October 27, 1881. She worked as a laundress in Marion, North Carolina.