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Name Type
O. A. Turlington

President of the Chamber of Commerce of Wilson, North Carolina, in December 1917.

Obie Pettiford

Born July 16, 1887, in Person County, North Carolina. When Pettiford, an African American farmer, was called for military service during World War I, his employer interceded on his behalf to ensure that he was exempted from service due to having dependents.

Oliver Martin

Born April 19, 1900, in North Carolina. Martin enlisted for military service during World War I in August 1917. He went absent without leave on November 17, 1917, but was returned to his unit, Battery F of the 113th Field Artillery. Martin was wounded in action while serving overseas and was honorably discharged from the service in March 1919.

Oliver Wallace

He was accused of horse stealing and sentenced to death. Dozens of men wrote a petition to Arthur Dobbs on his behalf, requesting that his sentence be reprieved.

Oliver, Doctor Berry

Born September 25, 1867, in Robeson County, North Carolina. Oliver was a merchant in Pine Level who served as a commissioner and later chairman of the Johnston County commissioners

Oscar Daniel Carpenter

Born August 24, 1852, in South Carolina. Carpenter was the founder and proprietor of the Hardin Manufacturing Company, a textile mill in the vicinity of Gastonia.

Oscar William Bunn

Born March 1, 1900, in North Carolina. During his time in Durham, North Carolina, Bunn worked for the American Tobacco Company and was a member of the Durham Machine Gun Company, a unit of the North Carolina national guard. Bunn later moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where he worked for the Virginian Pilot.

Otho Hamilton

A major in the British Army, Hamilton later served as Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland.

Otho Settle Ross

Born June 26, 1897, in Durham, North Carolina. Drafted into military service during World War I on September 6, 1918. Ross, who was drafted relatively late in the conflict, was honorably discharged on December 7, 1918, just one month following the armistice of November 11. He later joined the Durham Machine Gun Company, a unit of the North Carolina national guard, and deployed with that company to Alamance County in July 1920 to protect three African American men accused of sexual assault from a lynch mob.

Otto R. Jarrett

Born July 24, 1860, in North Carolina. Jarrett was a prominent labor leader in the Asheville area who served six stints as president of the North Carolina Federation of Labor between 1910 and 1920. During World War I, he served on the state's western district exemption board.

Overton, James Robert

Born December 2, 1889, in Lewiston, North Carolina. Overton was a steward for the state prison in Electric, North Carolina, when he registered for the draft (World War I) in June 1917. He was subsequently inducted into the service in August 1918 and served with the 157th Depot Brigade until honorably discharged in April 1919. He was deployed overseas from September 1918 to March 1919.

Owen Haywood Guion

Born June 21, 1861, in New Bern, North Carolina. Guion was twice elected to the North Carolina General Assembly (1902 and 1904) and served as a superior court judge until his retirement in 1920.