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Expressions of Loyalty from Two Conferences of the A.M.E. Zion Church.

To His Excellency, T. W. Bickett, Governor of North Carolina,


Whereas, it has been a question of comment as to Negro loyalty to his government by the declaration of war against Germany, and whereas, the Negro is a part of the population of this country of more than ninety million and have been instrumental in the material, educational and religious progress, and whereas, the Negro feel at home here as does his white brother, there,-fore, be it resolved, that we, the North Carolina Conference and the Cape Fear Conference of the A.M.E. Zion Church in joint session assembled in a special educational session at Goldsboro North Carolina do recommend that the conferences in joint session assembled inform our honored governor that this constituency representing seven thousand members are standing by the administration as Gibraltar to assist in whatever may be ours to bring about peace and to crush the horrors of war.

Presiding Bishop, Rt. Rev. A. J. Warner of Charlotte N.C.

Committee on Notification:
Rev. Jno. H. Love,
Rev. Wm. Sutton,
Rev. R. H. Riddick,
Rev. C. D. Hazel,
Rev. J. H. Moseley,
Rev. B. P. Coward, Sec.

122 Pender St.
Wilson, N. C.