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Philip Yorke (1690-1764) was a British nobleman and politician who became Earl of Hardwicke in April 1754.

Casper Yost was born in Augusta County, Virginia on March 11, 1785. A farmer and justice of the peace for Wythe County, Virginia, he also served as a pastor for the Methodist Episcopal Church. He died in Wythe County on January 5, 1850.

James Hunter Young was born on October 26, 1859, near Henderson, North Carolina. Young was a skilled political influencer, serving as a state legislator representing Wake County from 1894 to 1898. During that… Read More

John Cooper Young was born April 19, 1891, in Vance County, North Carolina. Young was president of the Union Trust Company in Raleigh. During World War I, he served as secretary of the Soldiers' Business Aid Committee of Wake County. He died on… Read More

John S. Young was born in Augusta County, Virginia on April 21, 1804. A physician, he also served as Tennessee's Secretary of State from 1839 to 1847. He died in Nashville, Tennessee on July 7, 1857.

Joseph Hardie Young was born on January 17, 1864, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Young was the president of a variety of railroads over the course of his career, including the Norfolk Southern Railroad from 1914 to 1918. He died in Chicago, Illinois,… Read More

Joseph Richmond Young was born in Yancey County, North Carolina, in February 1858. Young was a farmer who served as county surveyor for Yancey. He conducted survey work in support of the state's acquisition of Mount Mitchell. Young died in… Read More

Laurence Woodville Young was born on August 18, 1877, in Swannanoa, North Carolina. Young was a career military officer who served as the state's Adjutant General under Gov. Locke Craig (January 1913 to June 1916) and Gov. Thomas W. Bickett (… Read More

Thomas Young was a resident of colonial Anson County. In an undated petition, he joined other Anson County residents in asking royal governor Arthur Dobbs to organize a patrol to defend against attacks by members of the Catawba, Cherokee, Seneca… Read More

Thomas Roberts Young was born in Dover, New Hampshire on November 19, 1811. A lawyer, he represented Illinois in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1849-1851. He died in Oilfield, Illinois on May 12, 1898.

William Rogers Young was born on December 10, 1882, in Cary, North Carolina. Young was foreman of the Tallassee Power Company carbon plant in Badin, North Carolina, around 1920. In a 1919 investigation into alleged mistreatment of Tallassee… Read More

Gilbert Albin Youngberg was born in Belle Creek, Minnesota, on February 12, 1875. Youngberg was a West Point graduate who transferred to the Army Corps of Engineers, kicking off several decades of service as a military engineer. In the years… Read More

Peoria, Ill

Henry Zevely (1736-1795) was a resident of Rowan County who signed a petition to Arthur Dobbs in 1762 requesting that he appoint a justice of the peace for Rowan County.

Algernon Augustus Zollicoffer was born on April 3, 1888, in Henderson, North Carolina. Zollicoffer was the bookkeeper for the Henderson and Harriet Cotton Mills in Henderson when he registered for the draft (World War I) in June 1917. During the… Read More

Allison Caulincourt Zollicoffer was born on April 29, 1854, in Weldon, North Carolina. Zollicoffer was a lawyer who served one term in the state senate and as a government appeals agent for Vance County during World War I. He died in Richmond,… Read More